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Re: Problems with Xorg restarting after KDE logout

Craig White wrote on Sunday 23 September 2007:

> I believe that you are wrong in both events...

Well, that might be possible, of course, but I'm almost sure I'm not. ;)

> # grep Terminate /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc
> #TerminateServer=true
> that is the default and thus, if you are using kdm, the default is to
> restart kdm upon logout.

If you look into the config file it tells you something else:

$ grep -B 2 Terminate /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc
# Restart instead of resetting the local X-server after session exit.
# Use it if the server leaks memory etc. Default is false

Clearly, a reset is the default, not a restart - unless the comments in 
kdmrc are obsolete. ;-)

> Is the OP in runlevel 5 ?
> Is the OP really using kdm ?

What does "OP" stand for? If you are referring to Martin's box I would 
answer "yes" to both questions, since he mentioned kdm in his initial 


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