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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Hi Bob,

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007, Bob Goodwin wrote:

Can Azureus be the cause of the excessive traffic or am I looking in the

p2p accounts for >70% of internet traffic, so yes most definately.

In early days we had some plans where we allowed true unlimited, some criminals (yes thats what they are since 99.9%R of p2p is illegal movie d/l's) were on a 1.5 mb dsl connection exceeding 300 gigs a month, thats flat strapping their connection 24/7. Needless to say we stopped it, and its because of idiots like them, that most ISP's now have limits and/or enforce fair use policies, they think that its a 1:1 contention ratio and if they pay $70 a month they are entitled to leach 300 gigs, maybe if we started sending them the price of that data that costs us, plus the tail costs, plus the agvc costs, plus maint costs, plus staff costs, plus a little bit of profit, they would soon wake up... or maybe wake up in intensive care after seeing the [$ value] invoice induced heart attack.

Aha, therein lies my problem, all this while I had a false sense of security thinking I had thwarted previous efforts with bittorrent which Junior had installed some time ago!

Using a linux box as nat router? search for and get the layer7 patch for iptables

yield. We've had the kids computer powered off for two days and the usage still trends upward so they are probably off the hook and the finger points

This is one problem people who use p2p all the time forget, you can turn your pc off, or even just close p2p programs, people can still be swarming your connection for hours to *days* later, whether your online for not, some networks simply ignore the fact you are gone, even on gnutella/limewire networks where you tell the network you are logging off, it still happens, the packets go missing and they all think your still there.



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