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Re: USB or Express card 54 Wireless Network Adapter?

John Pierce wrote:
> Hello!  My on board wireless card has obviously died, good from the
> perspective that it was based on the broadcom 4311 chipset and I never
> managed to get it functioning with the native driver.
> Can someone give me some suggestions or recomendations for a good USB
> or Express Card 54 Wireless Network Adapter that has native linux
> support, like maybe ralink or atheros based chipsets.
> Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Dumb question - can you replace the card in your laptop. While this
may be more expensive, it may be worth it both because you will not
have to worry about an extra piece of hardware, and because the
wireless antenna for the internal card is probably behind the
screen, and is probably larger then the one in a add-on card or USB
device. I know on Toshiba laptops, it is a plug-in module behind a
cover on the bottom, and the antenna looks like 2 wires that attach
to the top-front of the card, and the card plugs into a socket on
the motherboard. (Remove 2 screws, it pops up slightly, lift and
pull away from the socket - mini-PCI card)


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