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Double Sided Printing with OpenOffice.org

I have a nice new HP 7780 printer, which has the double sided printing
add-on. The system is Fedora 7 as updated, OOo is

Suppose I have a two page document I want to print double sided. Page
one should go on side A, 2 on B.

OO does just fine if you print one copy. Print seven and you get
several sheets with page 1 on both sides. I aborted at that point to
save paper.

Adobe Reader was a disaster: it pulled from the wrong tray as well as
bungling the double sided stuff.

Evince did it right: print two copies at a throw (OK, I'm paranoid),
and page 1 goes to side A consistently, page 2 to B.

I suspect from the fact that Evince did it right that Reader and OOo
have problems, not the printer driver.

Has anyone else seen this?

RFE: It would be nice if programs showed the command line they build
for ghostscript. It would help diagnose problems like this.


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