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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

On Sun, 2007-09-23 at 14:56 -0400, David Boles wrote:
> everyone told you correctly that disabled really does mean that.
> Several mentioned something about 'disabled' that I have not seen you
> address. SELinux in not like a lamp. On (enabled/enforcing) and
> Permissive (enabled/reports only) keep the SELinux 'system' active and
> 'up to date' with the permissions. Disables (off) does not. So turning
> it off for a time and then turning it back on will most likely cause
> problems, from what I understand.

I'm fairly sure I've seen that mentioned in this thread, somewhere along
the line.  However, doing a relabel ought to put things to rights, if
one wanted to start using SELinux after your system had been used with
it turned off.

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