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Re: Resetting to default gnome setup

>>> You could try:  yum install gtweakui-nautilus 

Aaron Konstam:
>> The yum install command above does not owrk for me. What repo is this
>> in?

David Boles:
> The name of the package he is referring to is   gtweakui  without the
> -nautilus.

The program was gtweakui-nautilus from what turned out to be a gtweakui
RPM file.  However, I'd always found that yum was able to install the
right package when you asked for a program that was in it, beforehand.

[tim bigblack ~]$ rpm -qi gtweakui
Name        : gtweakui                     Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 0.4.0                             Vendor: Fedora Project
Release     : 3.fc6                         Build Date: Mon 28 Aug 2006 22:32:42 CST
Install Date: Fri 22 Jun 2007 17:42:42 CST      Build Host: hammer3.fedora.phx.redhat.com
Group       : User Interface/Desktops       Source RPM: gtweakui-0.4.0-3.fc6.src.rpm
Size        : 254872                           License: GPL
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Sat 19 May 2007 04:41:20 CST, Key ID b44269d04f2a6fd2
Packager    : Fedora Project <http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla>
URL         : http://gtweakui.sourceforge.net/
Summary     : Extra configuration dialogs for GNOME
Description : gTweakUI Provides extra configuration dialogs for the GNOME 2 desktop.

I see nothing that helps me work out which repo it came from, but
considering my YUM configuration, it'd have to be the usual Fedora ones,
or Livna.

[tim bigblack ~]$ uname -ipr i686 i386

Using FC 4, 5, 6 & 7, plus CentOS 5.  Today, it's FC7.

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