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Re: Running wireless and wired at the same time

Joseph Loo wrote:
> I tried looking, but have not found the magic program that will allow me
> to run the wireless with wpa and wired ethernet. I want to make a
> machine a router on my home network, where the wireless portion is
> connecting to a wireless access point.
> I am running fedora 7. I know the wireless works but the prgram I was
> using shuts down the wired portion when the wireless is working. In
> addition, I can not get the machine to boot with wpa active, the
> wireless portion times out when it boots up.
It sounds like WPA was set up as a user, and it only works when you
log in as that user. When booting, it does not have the correct pass
phrase for WPA. I am not sure what hoops you have to jump through to
get it to come up at boot.

You are probably not going to want to have network manager running.
It normally is set up to bring down the wireless connection when the
wired connection is up. Now at all what you are after here.

Depending on exactly what you want the Linux box to do, you may want
to look at the bridge utilities after you get WPA working at boot. A
bridge setup will let you connect the wired and wireless interfaces
together, so that everything coming in on one, is echoed out the
other. (It is more complicated then that, but close enough for now.)

If you want your connection to look like one machine to the access
point, then you will want to take a look at IP masquerading. The
Linux box can do the same job as the firewall/router does. there are
HOWTOs covering both types of setups.


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