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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007, Bob Goodwin wrote:

This is one problem people who use p2p all the time forget, you can turn your pc off, or even just close p2p programs, people can still be swarming your connection for hours to *days* later, whether your online for not, some networks simply ignore the fact you are gone, even on gnutella/limewire networks where you tell the network you are logging off, it still happens, the packets go missing and they all think your still there.

Wow, that's discouraging if I understand what you are saying. I guess the effect would be intermittent depending on what files the system thinks you have? Hopefully it gradually subsides when there is no response?

Thats right it would be, but if you have on offer in full or in part, one of the latest box office smash hits, yes it will be hell for you, if its some ebook that nobody has heard of, chances are you'll be fairly safe, or what comes in over the following hours/days would be less use than say, DNS lookups so its negligible, we've had customers swear blind they are not file sharing when trying to lodge speed complaints, when we look at the port, we know otherwise :)

This ISP uses a 30 day total so it takes some time for our numbers to improve.

If its a rolling anniversary that would be a pain, at least if it was monthly you know you only have a few days left, and can let the young fella go for his life on the last day if you have plenty of unused GB's



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