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Re: How to mail the name of the user that logged off?

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007 23:11:04 -0700
Brian Mury <brianmury alumni uvic ca> wrote:

> It is not at all a reasonable assumption. Each user can have a different
> shell, and it can be changed by the users themselves whenever they like.

How many "average users" (not administrators) do you know who use a shell
on a Linux box that isn't bash?  I can count zero that I know, personally.
Heck, most "average users" actively try to avoid the commandline, let alone
realize that there are different shells available.  Or care.  Or know how to
change it.

How many Linux sysadmins do you know who regularly use a shell other than bash
for something other than a very special purpose?  Again, I know of zero, myself.

Perhaps your experience is different than mine, but I would say that bash is
the only CLI that's in regular use on every Red Hat and Fedora Linux machine
that I have seen myself, to date.

So it is indeed a reasonable assumption.

What terminal windows do you have active right now?  I have 4 bash windows open
myself, at the moment, two "singles" and two with two tabs on each.

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