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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> In early days we had some plans where we allowed true unlimited, some
> criminals (yes thats what they are since  99.9%R of p2p is illegal movie
> d/l's) were on a 1.5 mb dsl connection exceeding 300 gigs a month, thats

Actually that is not the case in many countries, copyright infringement
at that low level is a civil issue, not a criminal one.  And if you look
at the suits that are filed, AFAIK they ALL complain at the upload
action, not the download.

> flat strapping their connection 24/7. Needless to say we stopped it, and
> its because of idiots like them, that most ISP's now have limits and/or
> enforce fair use policies, they think that its a 1:1 contention ratio

It is because the ISPs do not invest in equipment to keep ahead of
consumer demand, for whatever reason the demand exists.  They find it
much easier to blame their customers than to invest as they should.
There are authorized movie and TV download services now that would
generate the same traffic -- this is greed and lack of imagination at
the ISP, not the fault of the customer who is paying to have his bits
moved around.

There is no inherent bandwidth shortage, it is not like gold or land:
they are still making it.  Nor aside from this artificial monthly limit
concept is there any point in saving it up to use later.

In the next few years WiMAX will become popular and I hope and expect
this will allow customers to do much more routing and transfer
themselves outside of their ISP.

> This is one problem people who use p2p all the time forget, you can turn
> your pc off, or even just close p2p programs, people can still be
> swarming your connection for hours to *days* later, whether your online
> for not, some networks simply ignore the fact you are gone, even on
> gnutella/limewire networks where you tell the network you are logging
> off, it still happens, the packets go missing and they all think your
> still there.

That's true, but unless it is UDP, no bulk transfer is taking place
though, just connect attempts.


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