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Re: dial-up networking

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From: Asif Lodhi <asif lodhi gmail com>
To: For users of Fedora <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 1:14:43 AM
Subject: Re: dial-up networking

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for replying.

I have done everything! I even spoke to my dial-up Internet Service
Provider and they told me everything to diagnose my problem and
finally gave up - even though they said they did not support Linux for
their service. However, I used their service for years! (6-7 years!)
and to test it further I tried to use several other dial-up service
providers but ended up with the same weird situation.

I have a valid account and I am using the correct port -ttyS0. The
modem DOES attempt to connect to the Internet using KPPP but abruptly
dies in the middle throwing up an error saying "NO CARRIER DETECTED" -
AND, I am connecting with the same modem form Windows - same machine!
Something has really gone south with Fedora. The thing which is really
strange is why Fedora 6 did work initially for two weeks after I
downloaded it using a DSL connection of one of my acquaintances. I
thought Fedora 7 wouldn't go south but it's the same with Fedora-7.
Now I have really begun thinking that there is really something wrong
with the local telephone exchange ... may be those guys are using some
kinda filters for Windows or something ...!!! God knows! I am too busy
right now and really want to work on Fedora 7 with a working dial-up
Internet connection. But I am having to use Windows. I am just looking
for someone to solve this problem - just wanna connect to the Internet
using F7.

This really is something weird for the Fedora developers to see.
Please have a look at it and make my life easier.

Thanks a million in advance,




   Please try the following:  try to connect using wvdial and troubleshoot your connection from there.  I used KPPP and use it when I use SLAX to connect to the internet at home.  When I got many no carrier errors, I changed the settings to dial out till I get a connection.  There are some files in the /etc/pppd/ folder that can have an effect on the connection.  These can be cured by doing a little bit of troubleshooting.  


Hope this helps,


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