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Re: about hardware information

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Tong Nelson wrote:
>> I am a new user of Linux, I am planning to install Fedora to my 
>> computer and I did downloaded Fedora 6.0 but I am planning to
>> upgrade my computer to Intel Core II with E6750 CPU and somebody
>> told me Fedora 6.0 didn't support E6750 CPU and need to download
>> 7.0 version; so I just want to confirm about this before I am
>> upgrade my computer, please somebody can able to help me!
>> I think I better post the hardware details to see if Fedora 6.0 or
>> 7.0 support those hardware:
>> Asus Striker Extreme Moterboard 2GB Kit-800(2 X 1GB A Apacer) DDR2
>> Ram Seagate SATA 250GB Intel (Core 2 Duo) 6750 CPU
> I know there might be an issue with the new CPU but it should be 
> answered on both FC6 and F7. I suggest you try FC6 and see if it
> loads up properly. Be advised that F7 is only available in a DVD
> image. If that is a problem then you will need to try FC6 :-)

The current fedora 6 kernel {not the install dvd} is close to the same
version as for fedora 7, so I would expect similar hardware support.

A sure way to check would be to download the rescue iso for either
release, write it to CD, and see if it boots OK. You might be able to
get someone who already has one to try it, or a retailer who has a demo
system with such a motherboard, to let you boot the fedora rescue cd

Other options are to check the hardware compatibility list at:


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