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Re: Double Sided Printing with OpenOffice.org

Charles Curley wrote:
I have a nice new HP 7780 printer, which has the double sided printing
add-on. The system is Fedora 7 as updated, OOo is

Suppose I have a two page document I want to print double sided. Page
one should go on side A, 2 on B.

OO does just fine if you print one copy. Print seven and you get
several sheets with page 1 on both sides. I aborted at that point to
save paper.

Adobe Reader was a disaster: it pulled from the wrong tray as well as
bungling the double sided stuff.

Evince did it right: print two copies at a throw (OK, I'm paranoid),
and page 1 goes to side A consistently, page 2 to B.

I suspect from the fact that Evince did it right that Reader and OOo
have problems, not the printer driver.

Has anyone else seen this?

RFE: It would be nice if programs showed the command line they build
for ghostscript. It would help diagnose problems like this.

You didn't click the collate button on the print setup dialog. This will then collate the printouts. I have done this in the past to make handouts.

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