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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Robin Laing wrote:
>> I think you are working backwards.
>> Close all ports and then open only the ones you need.  Web and email
>> and then go from there.  As you find issues, then you open the
>> necessary ports.  Example, ftp.
> Not sure I can do this with the Netgear router I have, not unless I
> listed all the ports which would be a major effort.  As it is blocking
> "torrent" seems to prevent access to addresses containing
> "something.torrent."  In addition I already have a number of undesirable
> sites blocked.  I think I've probably got bittorrent covered now ...

If you turn off UPnP, then most P2P software is not going to work -
they need the incoming port forwarded to their PC. Because it is a
new connection, the router will not forward it unless there is a
rule telling it to. UPnP lets them set up the rule without having to
log into the router. Without this, they will be able to download,
but not upload. This has a side effect of drastically slowing their
download speed.
 > I've had two episodes of the router becoming inoperative in the
last 48
> hours!  This router has been in operation for a year and a half without
> any problem at all.  It can be easily configured via Firefox on this F7
> box, worked fine until this weekend!  Each time I lost radio contact
> with it until I went downstairs and pulled the power plug for a few
> seconds after which it returned to normal.
> That causes me to wonder if it is subject to attack from the internet
> side, it doesn't have the stock password at least.  With my other
> problems I am becoming paranoid.
Check the router temperature as well. You may need to vacuum it out,
or blow it out with canned air. I have run into this more then once
- the first symptom is that wireless shots down, or at least stops
accepting new connections. I also find that the router tends to run
cooler if you use the vertical feet (brackets) to stand it on end
instead of sitting flat. You can tell it is getting too warm by
feeling the bottom of the router. The end by port 4 tends to be the


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