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Re: Thunderbird Password file location

Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
>  > Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
>>> Does anyone know what file has to be killed off to 
>>> clean off all the passwords to a clean state?
>> ~/.thunderbird/<your profile>/signons.txt
>> is probably a good one to try.
> The signons.txt file did not show up in that directory.
> I did a locate -I signons.txt as root and only
> one appeared in my daughters .mozilla/firefox/<profile> directory.
> That had not been accessed in a year, which puts it before
> FC6.
> Any other suggestions?
> Note that I cannot use thunderbird to delete the passwords as
> the dialog will not open.  Suspect corrupted file.
With Thunderbird 1.5, it is ~/.thunderbird/<your profile>/83182663.s
- it may be different for 2.0, but I can not check it right now.


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