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Re: new computer with intelDG33BU motherboard

At 01:43 PM 24/09/2007, you wrote:
On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 13:32 -0400, Derek C Hopkins wrote:
> Hi All
>          Just got new a computer with Intel DG33BU motherboard 2.33
> cpu duo and two SAT2 250g drives.
>          1)  could not load CD's for fedora core 6
>          2) tried core 7   it loads but does not see  NIC card (on
> motherboard)  is any one using this board on Fedora ?
>          3) I have a second computer (also new)  with  Windows XP
> Pro  which loads with without a problem.
I don't know about that particular motherboard but I have found some of the newer motherboards/processors seem to work better when I install x86_64 rather than i386

Craig White <craig tobyhouse com>

-- Hi Craig

I have a DVD from Linux Format (LXFdvd95) and There was no option for selecting the version.

Cheers Derek

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