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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Jacques B. wrote:

Mike, didn't my previous messages on this make the list?  I provided a
solution using Evolution followed by an apparent solution using
Thunderbird.  I've seen your replies to the others, but not mine so

I found them. I think my first step should be to get a later
version of Thunderbird. I've downloaded I'm using
1.0.2. I've been clicking on "check for updates" on a regular
basis, but apparently that only means "check for updates to
this release".

either my messages aren't making the list or you've missed them.

The one correction to my suggestion would be using the mail forward
option rather than changing permissions or setting up a cron job to
copy root mail to another user.  I was not aware of that option until
it was mentioned in this thread.

Gonna install and then try following your advice.


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