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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Andy Green wrote:
>> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>>> In early days we had some plans where we allowed true unlimited, some
>>> criminals (yes thats what they are since  99.9%R of p2p is illegal movie
>>> d/l's) were on a 1.5 mb dsl connection exceeding 300 gigs a month, thats
>> Actually that is not the case in many countries, copyright infringement
>> at that low level is a civil issue, not a criminal one.  And if you look
>> at the suits that are filed, AFAIK they ALL complain at the upload
>> action, not the download.
> in this country it is criminal so what it is in the U.S for isntance
> maters nothing to us, only what our laws say

*shrug* best to say "yes that's what they are *in my country*" then,
because there must be a lot of places where is a civil issue.

>> It is because the ISPs do not invest in equipment to keep ahead of
>> consumer demand, for whatever reason the demand exists.  They find it
>> much easier to blame their customers than to invest as they should.
> So.. you are saying we should offer these crims 300 gigs a month for 70

These people downloading media files, which you assume are violating any
laws, and choose to label "criminals"... what about all the YouTube,
iTunes, the various legit movie and TV episode download sites that all
eat bandwidth... those users are all "crims" too are they?  Several TV
stations here offer downloads of episodes for a week after they air,
admittedly in some wmv encrypted crap, but still, there is hundreds of
legitimate MB a go.  The stuff on Miro too now, hundreds and hundreds of
MB of honestly licensed stuff.  Rhythmbox can reach out to thousands of
legit albums on Jamendo and Magnatune, again 50MB or more an album.

> bucks? No fucking way! If they wont 300 gigs a month, they can have it,
> but they will be moved to a business plan and damn well pay for every
> MB, ISP's are NOT charities! someone has to pay for all that data.

I'm on an unlimited 20Mbps cable connection... along with what must be
hundreds of thousands of others here in the UK -- it's not cheap but
it's not a "business plan".  Your idea of what is possible and what is
good customer service for ISPs seems pretty messed up.  In the future
it'll all be on unlimited eyerywhere at bandwidth beyond our dreams,
just like what we have now is beyond what we could imagine in 1980.


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