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Re: How best get rid of SELinux?

Tim wrote:
One of the (almost) unsung benefits of it is to do with created
If the programmers use a system with SELinux, they're forced into
writing their software better.  And we end up with software which

Mike McCarty:
They are forced into writing it SELinux aware. That is not
part of my definition of "better".

This is you trying to fit it into your blinkered view.  You harp on
about it being about mitigating already compromised machines, which is
an over-simplification to the point of being stupidly and utterly wrong.

Ignoring your ignorance, for the moment.  If you read what I wrote, and


Oh do some research!

My ignorance is based on reading NSA's descriptions of SELinux.
Now, I've read some of Red Hat's docu as well.

Still ignorant, I guess.

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