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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Andy Green wrote:

*shrug* best to say "yes that's what they are *in my country*" then,
because there must be a lot of places where is a civil issue.

Or more to the point nobody here should assume everything is uniform, this is an international user list.

So.. you are saying we should offer these crims 300 gigs a month for 70

These people downloading media files, which you assume are violating any
laws, and choose to label "criminals"... what about all the YouTube,
iTunes, the various legit movie and TV episode download sites that all

I spend a lot of time on youtube, I also watch certain shows from the US via CBS (I think it is) since the local networks stopped importing and showing some of those shows, I stream the bbc many hours a day, I do critical DB backups daily to my home desktop (just an extra part of off-site backing up) and it'd be lucky to hit 50 gigs a month, and thats a big effort, there is no way you can stream legal material that uses 300G a month, and you and I both know it, to tink otherwise is to be blind and nieve, and smells of " i'm not doing anything wrong no on no not me ever" heard it a trillion times before, and SEEN it!

When I was dealing with speed complaints, you only have to look at the port and you can see what they are doing, encrypted data? no problems, lock and unlock their port, they restart their p2p, and we can see what they are doing, i have had so many deny it to me whilst im on the phone talking to them, and i'm seeing they are downloading the latest yet to be released in this country movies, but then again, have you ever known a criminal to admit what they are doing is wrong without being caught, have you ever known a spamemr to think what he/she is doing is spamming, its all denials, adn we see right through you :)

I'm on an unlimited 20Mbps cable connection... along with what must be
hundreds of thousands of others here in the UK -- it's not cheap but
it's not a "business plan".  Your idea of what is possible and what is
good customer service for ISPs seems pretty messed up.  In the future

The cost of data to Australia is expensive, courtesy of the american
tier 1 extortionate interconnects, we can pay anywhere up to 30 times what U.S ISPs do per data (they blame it on the loooooooonnnnggggg trans pacific haul), so there will never be such a thing as true unlimited on
a survivable business model in this country :)
Certainly not in any forseeable future.



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