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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

David Boles wrote:
Actually I was just trying to *****-slap you awake. There have been some
really experienced, knowledgeable, and important Linux people trying to
politely explain SELinux to you, both how and why, for several days.

You seem to be trying to import the entire other thread
into this one.

And there you stand with your fingers in your ears and loudly saying
*la-la-la* I'm not listening!!

No, not at all. No amount of explaining to me
what I already investigated months ago is going
to change my opinion. When I first encountered
SELinux, I spent quite a few hours reading the
NSA website about SELinux, what it is, the goals,
and the means. So, no amount of education on that
front is going to change anything, since I already
know what it is and where it is (currently) headed.

I just don't want it.

There is a difference between knowing what something
is and not wanting it, and not wanting something
just because one doesn't know or understand what it
is or how it works.

From what I have read you have the choice of using Fedora and disabling
SELinux. Or not using Fedora. Period. And I do not see Fedora making you a
special 'Mike' DVD to install without SELinux.

I didn't ask for one.

Now please troll away and let the people with real problems and issues get
some help from the list.

Ah, FOAD, huh?


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