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Re: Help: GRUB tab completion not working

Ian Chapman worte:
: Ah, I see what you mean now. I thought the problem was with bash itself, 
: only you just happened to be doing something with grub at the time you 
: noticed. I'm not really sure what else it could be. FWIW I've played 
: around a bit and can't seem to make it not work for me. I don't really 
: know what to suggest other than trying it from a different terminal 
: program or a VT if you haven't already tried, checking your environment 

I am doing this from a VT.

: variables, taking a look at /etc/inputrc and the auto-completion options 

I have no idea what to look for since everything works properly
in bash, itself.  I don't quite understand the contents of
"/etc/inputrc" very well, 
but this is a stock x86_64 Fedora 7 system right now. That file has
not been changed from the default.  Again, bash, itself works as it should.

: in the man page of bash to see if there's anything untoward. Sorry I 
: know that's not much use.

I appreciate your help.  I just wish I had a clue.

Could the fact that this is a 64 bit
system have anything to do with it?

Also I see in the "info page" the following notice:

 Next: Invoking grub-install,  Prev: Troubleshooting,  Up: Top
 File: grub.info,  Node: Invoking the grub shell

 15 Invoking the grub shell

 This chapter documents the grub shell `grub'. Note that the grub shell
 is an emulator; it doesn't run under the native environment, so it
 sometimes does something wrong. Therefore, you shouldn't trust it too
 much. If there is anything wrong with it, don't hesitate to try the
 native GRUB environment, especially when it guesses a wrong map between
 BIOS drives and OS devices.

 * Menu:

 * Basic usage           How to use the grub shell
 * Installation under UNIX  How to install GRUB via `grub'
 * Device map            The map between BIOS drives and OS devices

So, I take it that this means it is not using the system bash?
Not sure what "the native GRUB environment" means?".


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