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Re: Pointer to NUT config (for APC USB)?

On Monday 24 September 2007, Craig White wrote:
>On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 22:02 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 24 September 2007, Steve Snyder wrote:
>> >On Monday 24 September 2007 8:41:47 am Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >> On Monday 24 September 2007, Steve Snyder wrote:
>> >> >Hello.
>> >> >
>> >> >Having just gotten a new APC UPS, I would like to configure NUT to
>> >> > read it's state via the USB connection.
>> >> >
>> >> >The presence of the UPS is recognized by the system, as shown by this
>> >> > line written to the system log:
>> >> >
>> >> >  hiddev96: USB HID v1.10 Device [American Power Conversion Back-UPS
>> >> > XS 1500 LCD FW:837.H5 .D USB] on usb-0000:00:0f.2-2
>> >> >
>> >> >So now I need the NUT daemon to monitor this connection and,
>> >> > apparently, configure the NUT client to query the daemon.  This is
>> >> > for a local system only, no web or network access to status is
>> >> > needed.
>> >> >
>> >> >Can someone point me to a description of how to set up NUT for this
>> >> >context?
>> >> >
>> >> >Thanks.
>> >>
>> >> Why don't you try apcupsd?  Its written to run with apc products.
>> >
>> >Because I didn't know such a thing existed.  I saw on APC's web page that
>> >they only had downloads for Windows, and assumed that NUT was my only
>> >option.
>> >
>> >Thanks for the info.
>> Sorry about that Steve, I should have included the link,
>> <http://apcupsd.sourceforge.net>
>> As this is AFAIK, independent to APC themselves, I doubt there would be a
>> link to it on the APC pages.  They are however, apparently a hell of a lot
>> friendlier to linux users than Belkin.
>I wouldn't necessarily agree with these statements.
>APC has been a powerhouse and a staple in server rooms. Their 'smart'
>UPS systems and their powerchute software has been in wide use for quite
>some time. APCUPSD was an option for Linux servers before APC noticed
>that the Linux server market was significant. In the server room, APC
>rules. If you digest the features of apcupsd (primarily written by Kern
>Sibbald of IBM, now actively writing Bacula), it creates a long shadow
>for others to find sunlight.
>APC does offer a powerchute version for Linux but I have never
>bothered...if you have an APC unit, apcupsd is simply the best - and
>it's in rpmforge repository.
>Belkin is very much a come lately entry. For the most part, they ceded
>the server systems to APC (though they have a few rack mount models).
>The bulk of Belkin UPS sales is smaller, cheaper units used on single
>desktop systems. Their Bulldog is decent enough and is available for
>Macintosh, Windows or Linux but it ain't apcupsd.
Yes and it (Bulldog) died a horrible death sometime back about 2.6.16 or 17, 
by turning into a cpu hog, suddenly needing 40% or more of the cpu.

>As for friendliness, I doubt you could touch Belkin as they have
>consistently handled customer complaints better than any company I have
>ever dealt with.

Friendly on the phone if you are buying their batteries for 3 or 4 times what 
they can be had from the battery peddlers I've since found.  I mean like $230 
plus freight for the 36 volt pack that fits the older 1500va I have. 

But the phone support folks have no clue about linux, nor about bulldog, so it 
goes un-repaired.  It was last built with gcc-2.7.2 on a RH5 box running a 
2.0 kernel, in 2002 and they think its current?  Emails to support are 
replied to with anything that comes to mind in place of answering bulldog 
questions, or just plain ignored.

I have two of their 1500va units and an APC-550-ES.  The 550 decided about 3 
weeks ago that its line circuit breaker wasn't big enough to charge the 
battery and run the computer that's running emc to run my milling machine,  
The original 1500va unit I thought had upchucked, and new batteries didn't 
fix it, turned out to have plugged its air intake totally and it wasn't 
visible till I wheeled it out on the front porch headed for the dumpster.  I 
broke their warranty seals and air hosed it out, put the cover back on and 
its running the computer and the mills xyz motor's psu just fine now.

Not sure what I should do with the APC, its maybe 18 months old.


Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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