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Re: OT: Use Thunderbird to pick up ROOT Mail?

Jacques B. wrote:
It's going to want an e-mail address if I recall correctly.  Give it
whatever @localhost.  It won't matter because then you simply click on
the folder icon to navigate to your system mail and voilĂ  (assuming
that you've forwarded your root mail to your regular user account).

I'm not on my Linux box right now, plus I un-installed it after I
tested it as I prefer Evolution on my Linux platform (I use
Thunderbird when in Windows) so I can't answer any better than that
right now but I'm sure someone else can fill in the blanks at this
point.  It will work.  I got it to work on mine no problem.

Jacques B.

At least my filters work as advertized, now!

The icons are messed up, but that's livable.

Next step is to read the instructions, and see whether I
can read local mail. I'll need to send myslef some, first.
Then forward root to me, and set up another filter.


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