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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 07:41 +1000, Res wrote:
> I spend a lot of time on youtube, I also watch certain shows from the
> US via CBS (I think it is) since the local networks stopped importing
> and showing some of those shows, I stream the bbc many hours a day, I
> do critical DB backups daily to my home desktop (just an extra part of
> off-site backing up) and it'd be lucky to hit 50 gigs a month, and
> thats a big effort, there is no way you can stream legal material that
> uses 300G a month, and you and I both know it, to tink otherwise is to
> be blind and nieve, and smells of " i'm not doing anything wrong no on
> no not me ever" heard it a trillion times before, and SEEN it! 

Perhaps, and perhaps not.  Certainly in the future, people will not find
300 x 200 pixel screens, at 10 frames per second, with heavy MPEG
compression, to be an acceptable data format.  It won't just be pirated
DVDs that'll be transmitted in a high-resolution manner.

At least one of our local ISPs is dabbling with the notion of on-line
video libraries, at full or high definition video.  That's going to be
somewhere around 5-10 gigs for one movie.  Presuming that a household
might watch one or two movies (worth *) a night on television, as it is,
particularly with kids watching TV in the bedroom while parents watch
something less inane in the lounge, you could easily rack up 300 gigs a

* Whether that really be a movie, or three television shows, the amount
of likely data is what I'm referring to.

At that stage, that's local traffic (customer to ISP), but the
television stations will get into the act soon enough, when they realise
that current television broadcasting is going the way of the dodo - with
people sick of adverts, programs being on at the wrong time for them,
and so on.  So it'll be something like that many gigs a month and not
all of it local traffic.

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