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Re: dial-up networking

Hi Carroll,

Thank you for replying.

On 9/24/07, Carroll Grigsby <cgrigs earthlink net> wrote:
> Before you do that, have you verified that the connection to the telco
> wiring
> works?
I use the same connection to make calls as well as connecting to the Internet.

> ...................... If so, you can adjust kppp to wait a few
> seconds before attempting to make a connection.

Very helpful suggestion. There was a problem with the phone wiring
recently. May be it's due to that. Okay, I'll do as you suggest -
thoughI haven't yet tried the wvdial stuff that Antonio suggested

> Two other suggestions about configuring kppp: First, enable logging. Second,
> enable sound during the period when the connection is being made.

I think I did both. It doesn't create any logs - may be because it
doesn't make any connections - probably which is why it correctly says
"No Carrier". I'll enable logging again to be 100% certain.

Best regards,


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