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Re: How to mail the name of the user that logged off?

Frank Cox wrote:
> How many "average users" (not administrators) do you know who use a shell
> on a Linux box that isn't bash?  I can count zero that I know, personally.
> Heck, most "average users" actively try to avoid the commandline, let alone
> realize that there are different shells available.  Or care.  Or know how to
> change it.

Most of my users grew up with SGI systems. They run a csh flavor.

> How many Linux sysadmins do you know who regularly use a shell other than bash
> for something other than a very special purpose?  Again, I know of zero, myself.

I do. I still have my csh notes from 1987 when I started using
UNIX. This was from a training held by Convex.


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