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Re: Yum Update

Hi folks:
> > I have installed F7 on a laptop today and went to update via terminal > (su -c 'yum update'). I was shocked to see that yum was going to update > every package available, not just what I had installed. I have never > come across this before and wonder whether it is a bug. I use this > method to update my other Fedora boxes and have never noticed this issue > before. The laptop has a 17 GB hard drive and I want to conserve as much > space as possible. > > Thanks, > > Jon I found the same thing on both desktop and laptop when dumped XP for
f7. Luckily I have a broadband connection. One of the reasons I am so
happy with linux is that people are working so hard, at practically no
cost to me, on making the OS the best they can. Of course I also took
into consideration that f8 is already downloadable, so I assumed f7 is
in its final stages and thus the reason for so many updates. However
after using for 3 weeks I think I have already had over 20 additional
updates. Just more hard work being completed. So the downloads of the
distributions are probably being updated somewhat regularly to try and
help keep it down, mine was somewhere around 150 updates right after

It turned out to be 197 updates. I'm now on my second laptop. Only 1 workstation left running XP. I run Adobe Creative Suite on this machine. One day I will try it on a virtual machine.


R A Jon Hamelin

Hamelin Graphics
324-1985 Wallace St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6R 4H4

778 327 9302

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