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How to ssh,putty,vnc,nx through networks by port forwarding

I have an installation FED9 in site-1 and another EL5 in site-2. Both networks are connected via the internet, because they are in different cities. I have no possibility to enter in network-2 because it is a special service of French Telecom. So I enter via a router in network-1,over internet, then connect to the server FED9 by port forwarding and then I do ssh,putty,vnc further to network-2 passing the router which give me the routing to network-2

I tried to do port forwarding to network-2 directly but this does not work. I can ping the server on network-2 from the router, that gives me the entrance via internet to network-1 (it is a netopia)

Internet -> router-1 netopia on network-1 -> portforwarding to server on Network-1( -> manually connect to network-2 ( over router-2 {router french telecom -> internet -> server on network-2)

I would like to:
internet -> router-1 - port forwarding - server on network-2

I hope this is clear and understandable.

Any help would be very much appreciated
Roland Brouwers
C.A.T. bvba

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