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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Tim wrote:

Perhaps, and perhaps not.  Certainly in the future, people will not find
300 x 200 pixel screens, at 10 frames per second, with heavy MPEG
compression, to be an acceptable data format.  It won't just be pirated
DVDs that'll be transmitted in a high-resolution manner.

but you wont be getting it at the prices you pay now, hence why adsl2 services are more costly, because you can get a lot more than 300 in a month, and anyone who sits there legal or otherwise, for an entire month 24/7 doing 160-170 kB/s non stop, is more in need of a life than me :)

At that stage, that's local traffic (customer to ISP), but the

thats data on AGVC's, ISP's still have to pay for AGVC's as well, the likes of telscum dont miss out in rapeing you in any and everyway they possibly can, however with optus's full residential about to end "run-in" period, it will make a huge difference, as Optus have always been cheaper with dark fiber, transit and everything else, once they complete this new zedrez tel$tra are screwed because until now its been basically only them supplying AGVC and backhaul

television stations will get into the act soon enough, when they realise
that current television broadcasting is going the way of the dodo - with
people sick of adverts, programs being on at the wrong time for them,

I am about to cancel foxtel, i pay those scummy bastards 100 a month and rarely watch it, and yes, its full of adds as well, any show i watch is full of em, that will be my termiantion reason " if i want to have my shows interupted every 10 minutes by adds, i'll watch the FTA stations"



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