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Re: puplet not working after yum upgrade from FC6 to F7

Michael Wiktowy wrote:
Things that I have tried/verified:
- It works when I manually start puplet in a terminal so I know it works.
- removed and reinstalled it via yum
- checked paths are correct in Sessions
- I have waited long enough for it to check and checked after with pup
that packages were indeed wiating to be updated.
- I have changed SELinux to permissive to make sure that wasn't interfering
- it shows when I do a "ps waux" as "/usr/bin/python -tt /usr/bin/puplet"

Anyone have any ideas where I could look next as I did not see this
particular problem listed on  the YumUpgrade wiki page.

From memory, puplet stays hidden, and listens for dbus notifications from the yum-updatesd service. Perhaps chkconfig --list yum-updatesd to see if it is set to run at runlevel change.

service yum-updatesd status to see if it is running now.

dbus also comes into the equation.


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