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Re: Excessive kernel updates?

Tim wrote:
On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 11:10 +0200, Andrew Kelly wrote:
have there been excessive kernel updates lately?

I've only been following this list for a few months, so if this is a
FAQ, my apologies.
A fresh one is currently being gestated at:

Yes, there's been a few new kernels with the current release, I don't
think it's been much different from prior releases.
Fedora will release kernels when there is security issues that apply to released kernels {btw you can now view update details in pup again}.

Since a kernel includes a tonne of code, there is a good chance of at least one security issue per month {imho}. The most expedient way for fedora to solve these issues is apply the upstream patch level {ie current release version}, rather than backporting just the security patch. This way we might get other useful enhancements that the kernel release includes {depending on hardware etc}.

RedHat's security articles mentioned that depending on the nature of the security issue, selinux can make the issue a non-starter for selinux enabled systems.


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