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Re: extention to operation of man function

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> You are right I can'r spell. But it seems to me the bugzilla you
> referenced has the wrong slant. I assume what ubuntu does is that
> man detects the softlinkm and follows it.

Why would you assume that?  I'm curious.

AFAICT, they do just what is done in the Fedora bug, add symlinks in
the man page dir (/usr/share/man/man1).

(Also, it's not Ubuntu that should be credited with the attention to
detail here.  It's Debian. :)

> The bug is now closed so I can't add a comment which is frustrating.

You should be able to comment on the bug even though it's closed.
I've done that numerous times myself and I don't think it required any
special privileges in bugzilla to do so.

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