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Re: How best (BUT WHY) get rid of SELinux?

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 10:15 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 September 2007, Paul Shaffer wrote:
> >The whole premise of this thead is just absolutely ridiculous.  A naive user
> > has an issue of some sort, immediately throws the baby out with the bath
> > and then every other uninformed Linux using imbecile on this list joins in
> > the stupidity.
> Yeah, well I'm one of those idijits you're referring to.  I have a problem, so 
> since its a redhat/fedora problem AFAIK, I bring it here, and get told to 
> take my problems down the hall to selinux_101's list.
> I do, get told the boilerplate answer to touch /.autorelabel and reboot.  I do 
> so, several times.  I disable it in etc/sysconfig control file, doesn't help.  
> No log now, but it doesn't help, I still cannot use any usb or serial ports 
> on the machine except the mouse & keyboard.  Finally, Stephen Smalley says to 
> add  'selinux=0' to the kernel line in grub.  Bingo, everything works.

I remember being called a Castrato by one person the last time a
discussion of SeLinux dominated this list.  I do not remember the
identity of that person after putting that person's email address on a
discard filter.

Nobody on this mailing list is an idiot.  We do not have Redmond
hand-holding us.  We need to know more, about hardware and software,
than the Mom and Pop Window's user.

Please people.  Do not go this route of fighting about SELinux again.

If there is a technical question on how to do something in SeLinux,
let's help find an answer.  

If the question is, how do I remove or disable SELinux, let's help find
the answer.  

If the question is, how do I still use SELinux and do something SELinux
wants to block, let's help find the answer.

If one has a good or bad experience with SELinux, please share the
experience in a calm way you would do when talking around the table,
with friends.  Please do not become vitriolic or attack others.  Please
do not insist upon having the last word.  Pleaes be considerate of

It would be sad if my discard filter had to grow.  It would be sad if I
found myself on a discard filter.  

This list is a way for us to help each other, to ask and answer
questions, to share experiences.  

We share a common desire to run Fedora Linux software, or we would not
be part of this mailing list.  


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