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Fedora 7 Failed to Install - Toshiba Portege, Dell C800, and Mac G4

Hello all,

I have been trying to get Fedora 7 installed on an old Mac G4, Dell C800 and an even older Toshiba Portege 7200 with absolutely no results :(

When trying to install from the live CD I get the following issues:

C800 - X11 is split in half. There is one line that is close to the right side and it looks like the desktop is shifted to the left. It makes it pretty much impossible to navigate.

Portege 7200 - It boots up fine from the live CD fine, but when I tell it to install from the hard drive, nothing comes up. I don't get any prompts at all. I can see the cd spinning but nothing comes up at all. Eventually the disk stops spinning and I'm left wondering what happened...

When trying to install from the DVD I get the following issues:

Portege 7200 - I am told it doesn't have enough ram to be able to run x11 setup, then dumps me into the text setup. While this is no big deal to do the setup using text, when the system is done re- installing and it reboots, X11 still doesn't start (which I'm not surprised), but doesn't help me for my use of the system (non-server).

Mac G4 - I downloaded the dvd to run the install and found that I needed to boot from the boot.iso first before I could get it to run from the dvd. Once I got the install running, everything went fine and I got it to start installing the OS , I was told to reboot and when I did, I just got a black screen with nothing coming up. Nothing showing any form of progress at all.

Can anyone tell me if they have ran into any of these issues? Is it possible that the C800 or the Portege need bios upgrades to get the OS to install?

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