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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Tim wrote:

I don't see a problem with a customer using what they've paid for.  If
the ISP advertised something, and accepted the client, the customer
ought to be able to do what they want with it.

Do you seriouly think, that 70 dollars a month pays for:

1/ 300 gb of internet traffic
2/ part cost recovery of physical internet links, excludes data (*N1)
3/ part cost recovery of physical isp-user links called AGVCs  (*N1)
4/ part cost recovery of customer support
5/ part cost recovery of all other operating costs like phones power
   maintenance network and other staff etc.
6/ the DSL port (tail)
7/ as a business they like to make a littel bit of profit as well, why?
  because contrary to popular user belief internet service is not a god
  given right, it is a privilige adn ISP's are not charities.

**N1: The charges for these are decided on how large the link size is
and increases with size. This cost is a large once off initial and an ongoing lesser monthly fee.

every last iota of my quota.  I have little sympathy for ISPs
overselling themselves, that's their fault.

Tim, they oversell because of the above, if they were to do the above and what you want, I guarantee you, you will be paying 500-700 plus dollars a month, ring around the likes of the larger well known ISP's and ask the business plan costs for 1.5 mb dsl with unlimited data.

There is a reason it costs 10 times more than residential service, because
all of the above is taken into account and the user can do their 300G a
month on a dedicated 1:1 path, so you do get what you pay for.

I do have sympathy for the
rest of their users being overcharged to subsidise the other users (ISPs
spreading the costs around, unfairly).  It should be user pays, and user
pays fairly.

I couldnt agree more, it shits me to tears that someone who uses 10G a month pays the same and has to offset the costs for some 100G a month leacher.



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