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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Bruno Wolff III wrote:

I think the real issue is that ISPs advertise that you can download as much
as you want (without explicitly stating it, but trying to give that impression)
and then get in a hissy fit when someone actually tries to do this. And the
worst ones won't even tell you what the limits are.

This is very true, which is why no-one does it anymore, in fact the regulator insatructed that is was illegal for any ISP to do so. This wa sonly done in the very early days, they days where we could trust users to be sensible, if someone did 300GFB one month but normally only used 20-40 other months, it wouldnt matter, its when hte kiddies do it every month,well the same as everything, if you abuse it, you lose it :)

If ISPs were upfront on what their usage policy was and either enforced it
themselves or explained users they would need to make sure they didn't

They are now days, an interesting fact is, there was a big shift towards ISP's that once you hit a limit you are shaped, but some ISP's are starting to re-offer if you use more than you pay for it, 5 years ago there as an ernormous outcry, now, its actually working very well and gaining customers, which is fair enough because if you use more you damned well should pay more.



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