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Re: How best (BUT WHY) get rid of SELinux?

On 9/25/07, Res <res ausics net> wrote:
> get your hand of it,. some of us baby out teh windows throwing idiots have
> been doing this probably longer than you have been conceived.

obviously you see some point in that statement of yours, i don't -
since when does "doing something for a long time" automatically
translate into "doing something well"?

> I, like thousands of other network managers would rather have their
> servers ONLINE working without dramas for paying customers, then to have
> to take the things offline constantly to mess around with somthing which
> is a nuisance and interferes with our paying customers services

what does that sentiment have to do with this thread?

> if they
> want to install a new program on a shared or dedicated host server at
> 4am to minimise downtime to their clients, they should be able to do it
> knowing when they are done it works, not have to contact the NOC at 5AM
> because selinux has fucked them up the ass and they are stressing their
> clients cant interact with them, some of these are ticket services
> for major events and so on, it makes them think twice about renewing,
> because they see it as a problem they have experienced and think "is this
> going to happen everytime I make major changes".. etc etc

you know, the more you talk, the less sense you make. What does any of
this have to do with SELinux, unless you decided to put SELinux in
strict mode, it won't interfere with whatever custom apps your
supposed clients want to install. Seriously, if you're going to
contribute to this thread do so, you're just spreading FUD as it is.

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