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Re: Help: GRUB tab completion not working (solved)

Dean Messing wrote:
: : On 25/09/2007, Dean S. Messing wrote:
: : >
: : > Also I see in the "info page" the following notice:
: <snip>
: : >
: : >  This chapter documents the grub shell `grub'. Note that the grub shell
: : >  is an emulator; it doesn't run under the native environment, so it
: : >  sometimes does something wrong. Therefore, you shouldn't trust it too
: : >  much. If there is anything wrong with it, don't hesitate to try the
: : >  native GRUB environment, especially when it guesses a wrong map between
: : >  BIOS drives and OS devices.
: : >
: <snip>
: : >
: : > So, I take it that this means it is not using the system bash?
: : 
: : The GRUB shell is not equal to bash. It is a small shell which
: : implements the commands listed by the "help" command. The only form of
: : TAB completion it offers is completion of GRUB commands. E.g. when you
: : type "partn" and hit TAB, it completes to "partnew". Or when you enter
: : "con" and hit TAB, it completes to "configfile".
: When I hit TAB, the cursor just moves over (on the F7 x86_64 machine).
: On all my other machines (1 FC5 32bit machine, 2 FC6 32bit machines,
: 1 FC6 64bit machine) grub TAB completion, and the other bash-like
: editing commands, work correctly.  I'm beginning to think this is a
: bug in the F7 64-bit package.
: : > Not sure what "the native GRUB environment" means?".
: : 
: : When you _boot_ your system into GRUB and enter the command-shell from
: : there as opposed to starting the GRUB shell from within a running
: : Linux OS.
: I rebooted, got into that environment, and TAB completion works!  I am
: now even more at a loss (and I was already entirely at a loss :-).

Sorry to reply to myself.

I just removed the 64-bit version of grub on the F7 x86_64 machine and
installed the 32-bit version.  The grub shell now works properly.

Also I evidently misspoke above.  The 64-bit version of grub on my FC
6 machine was likewise broken.  I thought I had checked it.  (Having
ssh/emacs windows to all six of my linux machines open on my screen at
the same time is often a recipe for confusion :-).

This is evidently a bug.  I'll report it now.


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