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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Bruno Wolff III:
>> I think the real issue is that ISPs advertise that you can download as much
>> as you want (without explicitly stating it, but trying to give that impression)
>> and then get in a hissy fit when someone actually tries to do this. And the
>> worst ones won't even tell you what the limits are.

> This is very true, which is why no-one does it anymore, in fact the 
> regulator insatructed that is was illegal for any ISP to do so.

Funny how many ISPs still advertise "unlimited" internet, though have
some fine print somewhere about some limits.  I'm sick of lying
advertising.  We even had one who'd previously avoided that sending an
e-mail to their customers apologising that they were about to advertise
an unlimited account, that wasn't really unlimited, simply because their
competition did so and it was harming their sales not to have an account
with the same name.

> This wa sonly done in the very early days, they days where we could trust 
> users to be sensible,

More like it was technically impossible for a user to download more than
x bytes per month, thanks to the slow download speed.

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