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Re: Request Regarding the "Remove SELinux" Thread

On Mon September 24 2007, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> One would think we were debating Gnome vs KDE based on this toxicity
> of this thread.

We are simply lacking an imaginative solution:

In one corner we have the hispano-irishman from dirtback, tex - he never 
encountered a clause he couldn't rebut - though he drives a model T, he is 
nonetheless a world renowned expert on maserati having read a old manual he 
picked up on eBay

In the another, we have the world famous whine spotter - he's never met a 
human who couldn't so it's not clear who he's protecting from whom

Then there's the guy sleeping on the porch - he raises his head from time to 
time to remind us he's not on the system anymore, and to let loose some 
profanity regarding how he'd never contribute to it if he was - since his 
porch is half way round the world from most of the rest of us, it's unclear 
what's in that bottle he occasionally exposes to view

The other grump from down under has been surfacing lately, but he's so 
hopelessly outclassed by this cast that it's not clear whether he'll try for 
the Shirley Temple solace award

and finally, mr. negative has joined the fray and is attempting to weigh in, 
but here again, he may have entered too late to count

So, I suggest the rest withdraw from the ring - maybe we could get a 
derivatives market going on who can remain standing. Any actors? How bout 
getting together at someone's lug and do the video - done right, it could 
become a you-boob sensation. Geekdom's version of the World Cup or the 
Superbowl. Maybe we could run a world wide con to sell tickets and set up a 
fake pay to get in portal --- somewhere in here, there's got to be some way 
make some dough  -  Ric, Ric! where are you man?

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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