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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007, Tim wrote:

More like it was technically impossible for a user to download more than
x bytes per month, thanks to the slow download speed.

its still technically impossiuble to be truly unlimited as your governed by teh max posible throughput of your connection.

I wont pretend to think that youll ever understand it, the only way you will
is if you have responsibility to run an isp or be part of its senior
management, until you do, you, Frank and whoever else that seems to think you should get everything for nothing, will never have a true idea, and i
know from over 10 years in this game that i have no hope in hell of showing
you otherwise so im not going to bother trying becasue your going to see it your way no mater what, what I would like to do though, is suggest you, Frank and those others should contact your ISP, and move to abusiness grade, wher eit is 1:1, where can get what bandwith you want, and i want to hear how you fair after a couple months of paying the invoice of what that costs :) Hint, with us its 550 p/m



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