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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

>> customers is raking in $700,000 a month.  That's a damn good turnover,
>> and pays for a lot of things.  Don't try and make us think that ISPs

> and thats 10 times more data usage, 10 times the network access sizes and 
> more customer support staff, however the other staff and ongoings would 
> remain much the same, but I can see you have no idea on the prices 
> inmvolved, you seem to think network agvc might be a couple grand a month 
> the way you are talking, so i might as well go tlak to my dog,or the grass

Go on then, tell us how much it costs.  You're sure you know more than
anyone else.

I've been in business for well over fifteen years, for myself.  I'm well
aware that customers don't see the costs behind things.  I'm also well
aware that various businesses overstate the costs of things.

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