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Re: Grub installation on a USB external disk

>> If it's on both drives, and the same partition number, it shouldn't
>> matter.  It ought to work either way, it'd just use whichever drive it
>> thought was hd0 at that time.  Alternative, you can comment it out and
>> just have a textual screen.

Mikkel L. Ellertson:
> In this case, the OP only has windows on the laptop drive, so
> changing the settings or disabling the splash screen are the only
> options. He was booting from a boot CD, so the USB drive was the
> second BIOS drive. But the new laptop can boot from a USB drive, and
> the USB drive is the first BIOS drive when you do that. It makes
> things interesting when doing the install.

Though the splash screen graphics is in the boot location, along with
the kernel (albeit in a sub-directory, but that doesn't have to be the
case).  Where ever you're getting the boot kernel from, you ought to be
able to get the graphics, too.  That lends itself to other interesting
posibilities, like different graphics depending on where you boot from.
You can customise it to your heart's content.

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