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Re: preemtible Kernel

Fernando Apesteguía schrieb:
On 9/26/07, Boris Glawe <public boris-glawe de> wrote:
Many did not use this feature in the past: Why?

Non preemptible kernels are suited for servers
Voluntary preempt. kernels for desktops
Full preempt kernels for low latency desktops.

It's just a matter of how many people are going to use the
distribution and with what purpose . I guess that a Red Hat Advanced
Server delivers a non preempt. kernel.


Thanks for the reply!

So, what is the difference between "voluntary preemtible" kernels und "preemtible" kernels (what is a low latency desktop?). Wwho is doing what voluntarily here?

Would it be worth to recompile the kernel with "preemptible kernel" enabled, as I'm using my linux installation on a desktop machine? Or is the gain only measurable but not noticeable?

Thanks and greets

I mean "Many distributors did not use...", of course!

Greets Boris

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