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Re: Help for a newbie

On 9/25/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
LvERudd aol com wrote:
> Please help. Installed Fedora 7 from a disk in Linux-Mag. After first
> and every boot I am asked for a user ID and password.
> I can get into root but do not know how to bring up the GUI.
On the first boot, it should have prompted you to create a normal
user, and set the password. Did you create a user? If not, we can
help you create one.

While it is not normally a good idea to do it as root, you can start
the GUI by running startx. But I suspect that X didn't get
configured properly, so you may have to run system-config-display
before you can get the GUI.

Once you have X working properly, see if the system boots into the
GUI mode. If not, let us know and someone will be happy to tell you
how to change that.

I do not want to give too many directions all at once, or directions
on how to do things that you do not have to do right now. Besides,
there are some nice GUI tools that are more "user friendly" then the
CLI tools.


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Hopefully you are running into Runlevel 3... to go for GUI login with root and type init 5 it will take you to runlevel 5 where GUI is also available with CMD shells.

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