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Re: Still baffled by choice of ethx

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

>> Incidentally, does anyone understand why there are 2 further copies
>> of ifcfg-<IF> in /etc/sysconfig/networking/[devices,profiles] ?
>> Are these actually used?
> There is a system of hard links (multiple directory entries pointing to
> the same file--not copies) that allows you to have multiple profiles
> (e.g., home, work, etc.) where the devices can be configured to have
> different characteristics (fixed IP address or DHCP, different WEP keys,
> etc.)  When you change profiles, the links are swapped around so the
> links in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts point at the right ones for the
> current profile.  It sounds better than it works, IMHO.

I sort of realized that this is the intention of the networking directories.
Unfortunately it does not seem to work in my case,
assuming one is meant to use system-config-network to choose the profile.
> NetworkManager is a better tool for most wireless connections (modulo
> issues with some older cards and some drivers).  It works fine for wired
> connections too, as long as they DHCP.

Sadly, NM does not work with my WiFi device (Orinoco Classic Gold).
In any case, I doubt if it is appropriate in this case,
where I have a desktop server with fixed Access Point.

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