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Re: Grub installation on a USB external disk

antonio montagnani wrote:
> a grub error, saying that:
> error 17: cannot mount selected partition
> I am booting from the CD: note that if I connect the same USB disk to
> another working computer I can see only /boot while LVM partition
> seems to be disappeared.
> If I run fdisk -l I see that an LVM partition is present... I suppose
> that I have to change thread title ;-)

I would expect to be able to see the LVM partition, but not be able
to access the LVM file systems unless you are using a LVM-aware OS.
(You may run into problems there is the LVM labels are the same.)

As for the Grub error, I am going to have to go over my notes.
(Where did I put them...) I suspect that for some reason Grub is
trying to access the wrong drive, ether for loading stage 1.5, or
when trying to access the /boot partition's file system.

After the grub error, do you get the grub> prompt? I suspect not,
because it probably can not load stage 2.


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