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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007, Andy Green wrote:

Just a FYI

''CTEL Mass Deploys Fiber-To-The-Home Making the Future Today in Hong Kong
PR Newswire
September 19, 2007: 03:28 AM EST

Yeah, and our main carrier has been 'talking' about it for some time
even if they do it, they wont offer it cheap, nor will it change the data rates they charge us much, they would be happy to allow us to have 100mbps to each home, why? because our links and agvcs in every state will need to be upgraded on a massive scale so they get a nice windfall there, and they can rape us more for all the massive increase in data use making ISP's margins even slimmer, its one of the reasons ADSL2 has not taken off as fast as they would have hoped. It would be nice if the access was cheap, and data rates fair, but thats not likely to happen in this country anytime soon.



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