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Re: about hardware information

Tim wrote:
> Kam Leo: 
>> Your interpretations of what Karl and I wrote are way off base.
> No, they're *exactly* what you said.  Not an interpretation.
>> Neither of us said you can not install from a "Live" CD.  Neither of
>> us said that the DVD was the only way to install F7.
> Before you were not arguing about live CDs, and I didn't mention live
> CDs.  The point I brought up was that you (both) said you could only
> install from a DVD.  You're trying to skirt the issue again.  What do
> you not understand about the words "only" and "not available"?
> Karl:  "Be advised that F7 is only available in a DVD 7image."
> Kam:  "What Karl stated is factual. A multiple CD-ROM disc equivalent of
> the F7 DVD is not offered or available."
> Karl proclaimed you can only install from a DVD, you backed him up.
> There is no other interpretation of those words.  If you meant something
> else, you certainly didn't say it.
> If you bothered looking in the obvious place [1], never mind using
> Google, you'd find at least one way to get install CDs that you don't
> have to roll your own [2].  The subject has been brought up on this list
> quite a few times, before.  If you look further, yourself, you'll most
> likely find others, too.
> 1: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora7/FAQ
> 2: http://fedora.kanarip.com/torrents/
> Heading off the next daft diversion:  The official DVD isn't the same as
> what's available in the repos, it's only a small subset.  A CD version
> doesn't have to be an exact equivelent of the DVD install ISO for you to
> install Fedora 7.
Add to that that you can just get the rescue CD image, and use that
to do a network install. You can put the DVD image on the hard
drive, and install from that. Do you really want to get into the
more exotic install methods? Remember, you can install Fedora on a
machine that does not have an optical drive. (PXE boot, USB "pen
drive" boot, etc.)


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